Smartphones, Smart Cars, and . . . Smart Beds?

Have you noticed that we are living in a time driven and consumed by technology? If not, then there’s a chance you are so consumed by this technology that you haven’t noticed the changing landscape around you. But don’t worry, I’m not here to convince you to assign all the problems of society to high tech nor to heap endless praise on the advancement of technology. I’m simply here to share a little about the incredible hype around high tech advancements for consumer goods.

Every year we are privy to a new round of the, what seems eternal, battle between Apple and Samsung for the best technological development to smartphones. We witness keynote speeches and creative marketing campaigns aimed to grab our attention & show us how the biggest and best next iPhone or Galaxy will change the world as we know it. phones.jpgThere’s a similar, but not as cyclical, hype around smart cars. The smart car revolution is led by the frontman that is Elon Musk of Tesla. Unlike the smartphone industry, our attention is pulled in many directions because there are a seemingly infinite number of players producing the disruptive technology in the automobile industry.
tesla.jpgWhile smart cars and smartphones are two rapidly advancing industries, what if I told you about an industry that has advanced much more quickly – as in 50 times more – while receiving next to no hype? It’s the mattress industry! I’m serious, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy and Stearns & Foster are pushing the technological advancement of the mattress industry at an impressive pace. And while their advancements might not be as sexy as a new smartphone, mattresses are in fact the latest high tech gadget.

Here’s some basic info: the most popular mattresses are still innerspring. What’s new is that consumers have a vast selection of substances to sleep on, ranging from foam (gel, latex, or memory) to simply air. Tempur Sealy has even developed hybrid mattresses that combine the comfort and pressure relief of foam with the support of coils. Additional options also include pillow-top, filling constructed of natural (organic and chemical-free) materials and orthopedic. mattress.jpgAlso, if you’re buying a frame to go with your bed, the standard box spring is old news. Adjustable bases are the growing trend for the younger generation as we work, read & watch more TV from our beds. An adjustable base will also help you rest in a more comfortable and pain-free position for your 6 to 8 hours. And what’s cool is whether your fine-tune your position for better entertainment or sleep you can adjust your base with your phone via Bluetooth! That’s so cool! adjustable.jpgIf you think that’s crazy, there are more advancements then first meet the eye. These smart beds can monitor your movements, recognize if you’re in pain, and respond by easing the pressure on the mattress. Additionally, if you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, reflux, back, neck or shoulder pain or snore, adjustable bases can be set for your particular needs so you rest at almost zero gravity alleviating many of these common problems. Beds are getting more comfortable, supportive and smarter!

After reading this short mattress update, the process of choosing your next mattress has become more exciting and customizable! If the endless options seem overwhelming, feel free to come in Virginia Furniture Market for a free sleep profile. You can rest assured that we will work to help you find the perfect bed to offer you a better night’s rest.

-Andy the Intern

Solid Wood Furniture: A Sustainable, Solid Investment

Today there are many options available for materials used for furniture, and solid wood may seem like something from the past. The reality is that solid wood furniture is durable, sustainable, affordable and a “solid” investment. If you own a piece of solid wood furniture perhaps it was given to you, a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. You may have never considered its significance, but here are a few reasons why you should consider solid wood for your future furniture purchases. 

The first and most notable is the craftsmanship that goes into solid wood furniture. Whether it’s a table, a bedroom group, a china cabinet or a curio, it was most likely made by someone who has been honing their craft for years. Every piece of Virginia Furniture Market solid wood furniture is crafted to withstand years of use. While that may not be on your mind during the many family dinners gathered around your table, the times that you retrieve your china from your cabinet or the number of times you rearrange your room with seasonal decor, behind every piece of solid wood furniture there is a story. A story of the particular wood type used, the design, and finally the finished product that the craftsman proudly completes. 

Another reason to select solid wood is for its durability. If you were to ask anyone what piece(s) of furniture they own that have either been passed down to them or that they have had for a long time they would most likely refer to their solid wood pieces. A cherry chest of drawers, a mahogany bed or an oak side table. These pieces are special because of the memories that they evoke, as well as their durability.  

At Virginia Furniture Market, we are proud to carry brands like Virginia House, a local company in Galax, Virginia that takes pride in every piece they make. Bedroom pieces are made by a skilled group of over 600 artisans. All of the lumber used is sustainably harvested within a day’s drive of their furniture factory. With their “one for one” commitment, since 2007, over one million trees have been planted by the Virginia Dept of Forestry. When you invest in a Virginia House piece of furniture you can feel good about your purchase knowing it was sourced and made right here in the USA, and even better, Virginia! 

VFM also carries Amish vendors that allow you to customize your solid wood furniture. You choose your finish, leg style, knobs and pulls, and the features on your bed frame. Make it your own knowing that your pieces will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a unique dining room set, bedroom set or even occasional furniture you are sure to find something at Virginia Furniture Market that suits your needs. 

One final note- solid wood is something you invest in because it lasts and gets even better over time. Visit a showroom today in Rocky Mount, Christiansburg or Bedford to speak to a knowledgeable salesperson about solid wood today. Your Solid & Sustainable Investment!


Saying Goodbye To Summer The Right Way

Labor Day weekend has come and gone and we are preparing for the first day of fall. With the season changes, it may be time for you to revamp your home. Virginia Furniture Market proudly introduces two brand new custom upholstery and leather brands. Exclusive to Virginia Furniture Market and made in the USA.

custom made simple

VFM Essentials is our new custom upholstery line and the best part? Sofas start at just $499! With many body fabrics to choose from and even more pillow and accent fabrics, you will be sure to make a beautiful new sectional or sofa for your home.


Maiden Lane is our brand new custom upholstery and leather reclining furniture line. There are over 10 different options to customize your recliner, reclining sofa, or sectional! You can choose from over 10 leather colors and over 50 fabric choices. The best part about Maiden Lane? It’s ready in about 35 days!


Visit any one of our 3 showrooms to start designing your new sofa, sectional or recliner today! Open 7 days a week.

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

When the weather starts to warm up its time to dust off the grill, sweep the deck or patio and join us at Virginia Furniture Market to shop our large selection of outdoor furniture.

Everyone wants the chance to entertain family or friends when it starts to get nicer outside. Shop our conversation sets, outdoor sofa’s and Adirondack chairs to accommodate your guests! With lots to choose from, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter what kind of apartment, condo, townhome or house you live in we have something for everybody.


Use this as a guide for what would fit best in your home!


Apartment/Condo: Smaller scale furniture what is versatile and easy to clean and move.



Townhome: Entertain in style with this versatile high-top dining AND firepit table!

Patio homes and houses: With larger spaces, you are able to have larger scale furniture to host more family and friends.


So grab your wallet and keys and hop in the car and head to one of our 3 main showrooms. We are sure you’ll find what you are looking for. #LoveYourHome

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Only 37 more days until Thanksgiving! Is your dining room ready for guests?

It may be time to replace the old dining room table in your living room. Nowadays it’s on trend to have a large dining room table to accommodate many people. A place for friends and family to gather around and enjoy a meal. At Virginia furniture market we offer a wide range of dining room groups.


Whatever your style may be, we have a group for you! Not sure of your design style? We can help! Schedule an in-store design consultation online or in person. Meet with one of our style experts in-store to talk about your project. Collaborate with an expert during a free one-hour in-home consultation.


Here are some table settings for inspiration to go with your new dining room table. Its all about layers! Start with a charger, add a dinner plate, and a salad plate. Then personalize it! You can add name tags, or something seasonal like a small pumpkin, or a sprig of eucalyptus. I think patterned napkins or a tablecloth add the final touch to your Thanksgiving table.


The kid’s table is equally as important! Covering the table with paper so the kids can color when they finish their meal will keep them occupied while the parents eat and hang out. You can also make the kids table into a craft to do with them beforehand. Using felt and other items the kids can make placemats and a fun table runner!

When Summer Ends…


I can remember a time when I never wanted summertime to end. I was young, in grade school, and when summer rolled around I knew I would have the best weeks of my life. My summer days and nights were filled with bonfires, sleepovers with friends, family vacations, sleeping in, and relaxation.

Three children with sports equipment embracing, looking at camera and smiling

As an adult now, summer is a time to gather with friends, grab dinner after work, go catch a baseball game, hang out on a patio or porch. I think as a kid we don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate the time we have. Having the special space in your home to relax and reflect is exactly what we want for you here at Virginia Furniture Market.


It’s the times gathered around a fire pit with good friends that we will remember and cherish for a long time. It is something that brings us back to summertime when we were little! Nostalgia is good for the soul.


With summer ending soon it’s time to start thinking about back to school. We have all your apartment or dorm sized furniture here and ready to go! Either you or someone you know is getting ready to furnish a new apartment with roommates or add some fun accent pieces to their run-of-the-mill dorm room.


Going back to school can be exciting but also a little stressful! Let us take away the stress of finding furniture. Here at VFM, you will find the largest selection of affordable and quality furniture. Get shopping!

-Erin the Assistant

Spring will Soon have Sprung

It’s hard to believe that yesterday was the first day of spring. Seriously, right now I’m on the couch, drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows, watching snow gracefully fall and pile up outside. On a day like today, spring dresses, pastel shorts, and Easter Sunday seem years away, but thankfully they will be here soon. But what can we do until spring actually starts to look and feel like spring? If you’re like me, you will daydream craving the joys winter weather cannot bring. And if you feel so inclined, join me as I visualize, in anticipation, a beautiful spring day.

Life will be in the air again. By life, I don’t mean pollen. The awful transition phase (or phases if you live in Virginia) from white snow to yellow dust is no more. Your eyes and throat are no longer as scratchy as a wool sweater and you don’t sneeze every other minute anymore. By life, I also don’t mean water. The time of year has passed where almost every day you feel like a massive bucket of water is being filled and then dumped on you over and over again like at your kid’s favorite water park.

By life, I mean all that is wonderful about springtime. It is the ideal temperature to wear your favorite outfit. Every sip of your favorite beverage is a perfect combination of cool and refreshing. Birds chirp in flawless harmony. Children laugh without a care in the world. Photographers relish the opportunity to go outside and capture a moment of this day and cling to it for an eternity.

Parks are no longer home to barren trees and covered with dead grass. They are revitalized with color and waiting for their beauty to be rediscovered and admired. Outdoor patio furniture is no longer just a decorative piece in your backyard. You can bring out the outdoor cushions and pillows and spend your evenings under the light of the stars curled up by the warmth of the fire.backyard 2Now if the mention of patio furniture interrupted your spring fantasy and sent you into a spiral of uncertainty as to whether you covered your wicker furniture or removed its cushions before the snow, I’m sorry to have startled you. I hope you came to the calming realization that your furniture is in fact fine. But if not, or if thinking about spring has you considering an upgrade of your outdoor furniture, you’re at the right place. At Virginia Furniture Market, we have the largest selection in the area at the very best prices on outdoor furniture. We also boast a knowledgeable sales staff who will work in concert with your vision to help construct your dream outdoor space.backyard 7So whether your dream spring day is spent sitting on a park bench watching your children’s imagination flourish, napping in your hammock as it sways in the gentle afternoon breeze, or having friends over to eat fresh fruit salad and a grilled entrée in your outdoor dining room, we would love to help make your beautiful springtime vision a reality.backyardHappy Spring,

Andy the Intern