When Summer Ends…


I can remember a time when I never wanted summertime to end. I was young, in grade school, and when summer rolled around I knew I would have the best weeks of my life. My summer days and nights were filled with bonfires, sleepovers with friends, family vacations, sleeping in, and relaxation.

Three children with sports equipment embracing, looking at camera and smiling

As an adult now, summer is a time to gather with friends, grab dinner after work, go catch a baseball game, hang out on a patio or porch. I think as a kid we don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate the time we have. Having the special space in your home to relax and reflect is exactly what we want for you here at Virginia Furniture Market.


It’s the times gathered around a fire pit with good friends that we will remember and cherish for a long time. It is something that brings us back to summertime when we were little! Nostalgia is good for the soul.


With summer ending soon it’s time to start thinking about back to school. We have all your apartment or dorm sized furniture here and ready to go! Either you or someone you know is getting ready to furnish a new apartment with roommates or add some fun accent pieces to their run-of-the-mill dorm room.


Going back to school can be exciting but also a little stressful! Let us take away the stress of finding furniture. Here at VFM, you will find the largest selection of affordable and quality furniture. Get shopping!

-Erin the Assistant


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