The Quarantine Diaries Volume 1

The Living Room

Since we are all deep into the quarantine stage of life, here are some tips to refresh your home. There are only so many projects to get done and tv shows on which to binge before we fall into the trap of boredom. So while you’re sitting on your sofa, are you wondering how you can create a better layout in your living room?

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. This is the room for family gatherings, socializing, eating, games, television, and relaxing. As a designer, I feel that the living room is the most essential part of the house because it is such a central and universal room for relaxation and entertainment purposes.

So here are five of my top tips to help you create the best version of your living room.

  1. Declutter and Minimize

Over time, we have a tendency to accumulate excess furniture and decor items all over our homes, but especially in the living room. This results in your living room space feeling cramped and uncomfortable to be in. Take a good look at your space and determine furniture and decor that can go. Old or outdated pieces should be on that list! Eliminating some of these items will allow you to create a more airy and inviting gathering area. My motto when decorating our display pads at Virginia Furniture Market is, “Less is better.”

2. Don’t Leave the Room Empty

3. Organization is Key

Instead of getting rid of blankets and pillows, or if you have exposed magazines or books that you do not want seen, try finding storage spaces that you can incorporate into your room. At Virginia Furniture market we have several consoles, storage cocktail tables and ottomans that will help keep your living room looking decluttered and organized.

4. Layout and Flow

When you walk into a room how does it make you feel? When I’m designing furniture “rooms” at the store, I consider how customers enter into the display. As a designer, this is vital so there is good flow in the living room space. To create a good flow in your room, consider the layout of your living room looks and utilize the space provided. A rule of thumb I like to go by is keeping my sofa and loveseat perpendicular to one another. If using accent chairs, put them across from your sofa to create a conversational divide.

5. Focal point

Last but not least is a focal point for your room. When creating a new layout or rearranging the space, make sure that your furniture revolves around a focal point such as a television or a fireplace for example. This creates a sense of symmetry and cohesiveness which is very pleasing to the eye.

If you are in need of an update in your living room furniture to make your space the best it can be, at Virginia Furniture Market are ready to help you find the perfect furniture. Give us a call and we will help you design or find furniture during this quarantine period. Let’s make your home beautiful.

*All eight Virginia Market Furniture Stores are open daily by walk-in or appointment to serve you. We also offer Virtual Consultations at no charge.