Grilling Season Never Ends

We are about a month into fall and the memory of triple-digit days and long summer nights are beginning to fade. We’ve burned through all our sparklers, drank all the lemonade, and done all our grilling for the year. But what if I told you one of those joys doesn’t end with summer? We may be out of sparklers and lemonade, but I’m here to tell you that grilling season never ends.

I’ve been a casual college football fan my whole life. Then I went to college at Virginia Tech, so I’m an invested and passionate college football fan now. Something I learned from my time at Tech is that grilling is quite nearly as important as football. Whether you’re in a parking lot, at your friend’s apartment, or literally eating off a truck, grilling is as big as an event as the football game. I’ve been persuaded of the belief that grilling is a perfect complement to football– just like peanut butter complements chocolate (or like maroon complements orange, am I right?). Basically what I’m saying is grilling doesn’t end when summer does because when football is in season, collegiate or professional, grilling is too.

Now I recognize that not everyone is an avid football fan who goes to games regularly. If you don’t fall into that category and you weren’t excited by what I wrote in the last paragraph that’s cool because grilling season isn’t over for you either. What do I mean? Well, what’s another event setting where food is extremely important? Thanksgiving! I LOVE food so naturally, I grew up loving Thanksgiving. My family was a traditional family when it came to cooking the turkey, oven-roasted in a pan with vegetables and delicious juices. But more recently I’ve been branching out. A few years ago I had deep fried turkey… incredible! Ten out of ten would recommend. But an even crazier method I recently learned about was grilling. I was skeptical but a co-worker told me about how grilling a Thanksgiving turkey is a legitimate option with a Big Green Egg, a type of grill sold at VFM. If you feel the need to fact check me or are feeling adventurous and looking to mix it up this year check out this link for more detailed guidance.

Okay, who haven’t I reached yet? Let’s say you aren’t an avid football fan and you prefer traditional turkey baking. I am going to share with you one of the craziest things I have heard at my short time at Virginia Furniture Market. You ready? You can bake a cake in a Big Green Egg. “WHAT?! Andy, you’ve gone too far! It’s absurd to suggest you can bake a cake on a charcoal grill.” I hear you, I get it. I have no personal experience that I can add here to persuade you. All I can say is my co-worker Mary bakes cakes on her Big Green Egg and loves it. So if you are not a huge football fan, like to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey traditionally, but are interested in baking creatively check out these baked good recipes. Or if you’re like me and curious, it’s fun to read all the possibilities.

It’s time to realize that grilling is not just a summer sensation but a year-round activity! The Big Green Egg does it all, folks. Grilling season never ends.

Happy Grilling,

Andy the Intern