Spring will Soon have Sprung

It’s hard to believe that yesterday was the first day of spring. Seriously, right now I’m on the couch, drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows, watching snow gracefully fall and pile up outside. On a day like today, spring dresses, pastel shorts, and Easter Sunday seem years away, but thankfully they will be here soon. But what can we do until spring actually starts to look and feel like spring? If you’re like me, you will daydream craving the joys winter weather cannot bring. And if you feel so inclined, join me as I visualize, in anticipation, a beautiful spring day.

Life will be in the air again. By life, I don’t mean pollen. The awful transition phase (or phases if you live in Virginia) from white snow to yellow dust is no more. Your eyes and throat are no longer as scratchy as a wool sweater and you don’t sneeze every other minute anymore. By life, I also don’t mean water. The time of year has passed where almost every day you feel like a massive bucket of water is being filled and then dumped on you over and over again like at your kid’s favorite water park.

By life, I mean all that is wonderful about springtime. It is the ideal temperature to wear your favorite outfit. Every sip of your favorite beverage is a perfect combination of cool and refreshing. Birds chirp in flawless harmony. Children laugh without a care in the world. Photographers relish the opportunity to go outside and capture a moment of this day and cling to it for an eternity.

Parks are no longer home to barren trees and covered with dead grass. They are revitalized with color and waiting for their beauty to be rediscovered and admired. Outdoor patio furniture is no longer just a decorative piece in your backyard. You can bring out the outdoor cushions and pillows and spend your evenings under the light of the stars curled up by the warmth of the fire.backyard 2Now if the mention of patio furniture interrupted your spring fantasy and sent you into a spiral of uncertainty as to whether you covered your wicker furniture or removed its cushions before the snow, I’m sorry to have startled you. I hope you came to the calming realization that your furniture is in fact fine. But if not, or if thinking about spring has you considering an upgrade of your outdoor furniture, you’re at the right place. At Virginia Furniture Market, we have the largest selection in the area at the very best prices on outdoor furniture. We also boast a knowledgeable sales staff who will work in concert with your vision to help construct your dream outdoor space.backyard 7So whether your dream spring day is spent sitting on a park bench watching your children’s imagination flourish, napping in your hammock as it sways in the gentle afternoon breeze, or having friends over to eat fresh fruit salad and a grilled entrée in your outdoor dining room, we would love to help make your beautiful springtime vision a reality.backyardHappy Spring,

Andy the Intern


Highlights of the Christmas Season

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A guy can hope to wake up to this, right?

Let’s say the white Christmas you have been dreaming of is a reality this year. After the presents are frantically opened and breakfast and coffee have been consumed, all the children beg to go play in the winter wonderland outside. Being the great parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent that you are you grant permission to go outside and you go with them, equally excited because you unashamedly love playing in the snow as much as they do! You spend hours pushing kids down a hill and then carrying them back up, you get low to the ground and work diligently to make the perfect snowman, not to mention the multiple snowball fights you start and the ones that catch you off guard. It is the time of your life, the highlight of the Christmas season for you. But as soon as you stamp the snow from your boots and hang up your sopping wet clothes there’s nothing more you want to do than collapse into the recliner by the fire. So you do because you’ve earned it. 

Maybe you’re not the winter wonderland explorer (either by choice or if you’re not guaranteed snow where you or your family lives). But you cannot wait for the conversations around the crowded, fully-extended dining room table. You’ve been rehearsing your funniest story with the hopes of delivering it in such a way that one of your siblings suddenly spit out the liquid they were drinking because they could not control their laughter. Yet you will most likely be outshined when Timmy asks an innocent question at the perfect moment, sending the whole room into a laugh-so-hard-you-cry frenzy. Or when grandpa, for the thousandth time, tells the story of how nervous he was on his first date with grandma. And you’re okay with your story being topped because you love being around the table with family. That is the highlight of the Christmas season for you.

Maybe you’re the competitive one (every family has one). You wait for the end of the day when the kids are in bed, the wine is uncorked, and the games begin. Whether Pictionary, charades or a newer game, you all file into the living room and plop down on the big sectional and get ready for the main event of the evening. Everyone recalls their version of the infamous whiteboard breaking of ’09. It’s true, the competition has gotten the best of you before, but you genuinely love playing games with family. It brings back fond memories of when you were growing up together. That’s another highlight of the Christmas season for you.

I know there are many more highlights of the Christmas season that I haven’t mentioned! Share with us in the comments what part of the Christmas season you’re most looking forward to or your favorite Christmas memory of all time. We’d love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas,

Andy the Intern